Fluenz Italian 2 review

09/02/2011 § Leave a comment

Fluenz ComputerWow! Fluenz Italian 2 continues exactly where Fluenz Italian 1 left off. However, there is one major difference in version 2. It is full of much more material than level 1 and moves at a much faster pace. Although faster, it is still within grasp of learning the concepts and vocabulary. I found level 2 more enjoyable than the first. This is most likely because the first gives you a base foundation while level 2 adds to and builds upon that initial groundwork. It even begins to break into the world of past and future tenses, which is essential in communicating what you have done, or what you plan on doing.

There were a few bugs that I discovered along the way of Level 2 in some of the exercises. I submitted the issues to Fluenz user support and almost immediately had a response telling me that the ticket was passed along to their language experts. Within a week after that, I would receive an email telling me that they had patched the errors that I found and the updates are freely available on their website. That’s really great customer service. A company that actually listens to their user’s input, and acts on it appropriately. This has really made me hop on the Fluenz band wagon.

Unfortunately, my journey through levels 1 and 2 has ended, and italian 3 has yet to be released. Although I can not continue studying with Fluenz, they just created a new Fluenz Commons forum (beta) that is starting to see life amongst users. So far I have seen posts about other places to user for resources of using the language, helping with a particular word or phrase you are struggling with, and just being there as mental support for being in the same language learning community. Head on over and check it out!


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