Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection Fix!

10/02/2011 § 26 Comments

After discovering that Rosetta Stone was not detecting my proper usb headset microphone, and wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out why not…I have resolved it.

I was reading online that Rosetta Stone has issues with Windows 7 microphone detection but soon discovered that it wasn’t that case for me. Many of the so-called “fix-its” did not work for me. The most common being that you should set the compatibility mode to Vista SP2 and set it to always run in administrator mode. In fact, after doing this, it wasn’t even detecting my default laptop microphone (go figure!).

What I discovered is that Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection is based on the name of your microphone! For example, I have a higher end headset and under my microphone properties in the audio dialogue box (inside control panel), my microphone was simply called headset. This made my question why Rosetta Stone was detecting my “Realtek HD Microphone” that came factory installed on my laptop. Well the most obvious difference was that mine was named “Headset” while the Realtek had the word Microphone in it. I renamed my “Headset” to “Headset Microphone,” restarted Rosetta Stone, and Low and Behold, it now detects my microphone!

I hope this will help some of you out there who have been struggling to get Rosetta Stone to detect your microphone. In case you are wondering, I am doing this all on a Windows 7 64-Bit OS.


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§ 26 Responses to Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection Fix!

  • X400 says:

    Thanks for the info

    sadly it doesnt work for me either… Rosetta won’t even detect my laptop mic

    • Brian says:

      It already has the word microphone in your “Sound and Audio Devices” control panel? If it doesn’t, just rename it and it should work.

  • Nam says:

    It works with me. thx alot

  • THANK-YOU! It was working perfectly fine yesterday and then today for seemingly no reason it would not recognise.
    How is your Italian coming along by the way (I’m assuming that’s the language you chose on RS given the culture shock blog title…)

  • kyo says:

    THANKS! I was having a fit over RS not recognizing my headset. RS is really weird to not have a broader recognition of names.

  • Dario says:

    That worked!! Thank you!! I jut renamed “Mic” to “Microphone” and it works now!

  • Max says:

    It worked for me too…many thanx !!!!

  • Many thanks. I never would have figured that out otherwise.

  • Dima says:

    This worked for me and my friend too! Thanks!

  • Ben Dover says:

    I have seen many many mic and headset issues that are being left unresolved by the Rosetta engineers.

  • Gareth says:

    Works!!!! 🙂

  • Phil says:

    Could somebody help me to rename the microphone step by step in UbuntuStudio/Xubuntu? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do it, and neither PulseAudio, ALSAmixer nor Xfce settings offer me a way to change it. The closest is PulseAudio but when I double click and select Rename i t says that I need to load module-device-manager in the PulseAudio server in order to rename devices. I’m losing my mind over here, any help? D:

    • Brian says:

      You’re gonna have a hard time if you are running Rosetta stone in wine or something. You will need to get into your WINE virtualpc through CMD and see if you can rename the devices that way since there is no virtual desktop in this sense. Besides this fix wasn’t with linux users in mind. This was strictly a windows fix.

  • Gamebug says:

    Wow thanks to your advice.
    It’s really helpful tip for me and my children.

  • Beard says:

    Stumbled across this when looking for a solution and it worked like a golden, many thanks!.

  • Giorgi says:

    It helps! WoW man Thank you!!

  • Gin Williams says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Alistair says:

    This worked PERFECTLY for me.
    I could not figure out why every program would recognize my built in mic except for Rosetta Stone. I live in China and just bought a new laptop. The microphone was named with Chinese characters so Rosetta Stone wouldn’t recognize.
    As soon as I renamed it to ‘Microphone’ Rosetta Stone picked it up straight away.

    Seems like a stupid error in their software really but I’m just happy to have it working again!

  • shmuzz says:

    Yes! Thank you! My microphone was already named “External microphone,” but Rosetta Stone was not recognizing it. I went into Audio Midi Set-up (I’m on a Mac), created an aggregate device called “External Microphone” (capitalized), and now it recognizes it! it really is pretty dumb that Rosetta Stone’s recognition is so limited.

  • forcedalias says:

    Oh my god… I was so not expecting this to work since you wouldn’t expect this kind of retarded oversight from modern day software developers. Very thankful that you posted this.

  • Neil says:

    Holy smokes! it worked, thank you so much

  • Dc says:

    Thankyou. Worked like a ho on my bluetooth headset… 100x better than builtin mic. You are a good person to share.

  • Lisa says:

    It also works for bluetooth devices…everything I read about rosetta stone and bluetooth headsets was negative and I thought for sure I bought my bluetooth headset for nothing…and I’m cheap!! lol anyway I searched and searched for various resolutions and found nothing…then I stumbled upon your blog, thought I’d give it a shot added microphone to the device name and restarted Rosetta Stone and it was there and it worked!! In windows 10, I right clicked on the volume icon on the task bar, then I went to playback devices and set as default the wireless stereo not hands-free, then went to the recording tab and set the corresponding wireless headset as default, click on it then go down and click on set as default, then I clicked on properties and in the general tab you can change the name of the device and I just added the word microphone and like I said I restarted Rosetta Stone and it showed the wireless headset microphone as a choice in settings. I hope this helps someone else who doesnt like no for an answer ;D

  • Reblogged this on dredstuff and commented:
    I renamed my “Headset” to “Headset Microphone,” restarted Rosetta Stone, and Low and Behold, it now detects my microphone!

  • Noah Fields says:

    Wow you are a genius! It never would have occurred to me that the “name” of the microphone would keep it from getting detected. Thank you so much! FYI, this works with bluetooth headsets as well as USB. I’m using a Motorola s305.

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